Selling Your House With A Tenant In Place

Hey Kyle here with LVN real estate your Denver, Colorado cash home buyer. We Buy Houses Fair fast and easy in this video. I want to talk about tenants in your house and if you can sell your house with a tenant in place. The answer to that question is yes, you can sell your … Continued

Selling A Fire Damage House

Hey there, Kyle with LVN Real Estate in this video I want to talk about fire damaged houses. We buy fire damaged houses in Denver and beyond. We buy houses that sometimes just have a burnt garage or maybe just the garage is left from the fire damage property. Sometimes a portion of the house … Continued

Evicting Your Colorado Tenant

Hey Kyle here with LVN Real Estate your Denver cash home buyer. We Buy Houses Fair fast and easy. Evicting your tenants is something that comes up in every landlords life. Your Denver home may be a great rental, but sometimes you make a bad decision and you put the wrong tenant in. Maybe they … Continued


Taxes You Pay When Selling Your House

Hey Kyle here with LVN real estate your Denver cash home buyer. We Buy Houses fast fair and make your life easy.  I wanted to talk about selling your property and the tax that you might need to pay. I have good news and I have bad news depending on who you are. If you … Continued

What We Do At LVN Real Estate

Welcome to My name is Kyle Doney and I’m the founder of LVN Real Estate. You’re probably wondering what LVN stand for? It stands for LIVIN. We’re trying to help you live your best life and sometimes a home stands in the way of that. There’re all types of situations that come up with … Continued

property tax appeal

Appealing Your Colorado Property Tax

In this post I want to talk about tax appeals and how to appeal your property tax values. Appealing your Denver property tax can save you a lot of money! A lot of people wonder how do I appeal my Colorado property tax value? I got this notice in the mail and it said that … Continued

Selling Your Denver House While In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

I want to talk about chapter 13 bankruptcy and whether you can sell your home or not during Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Often people wonder, “When I file bankruptcy, do I have to sell my home during the bankruptcy process or give it back to the bank?” The answer is no, you do not have to … Continued

Top Renovations To Help Sell Your Arvada Colorado House

Getting your home ready for sale can be a daunting task, especially if it’s an outdated touch or some upgrades could just be used. Instead of digging the whole kitchen or replacing the roof, you might be looking for some inexpensive renovations that can still help you sell your Arvada Colorado house without breaking the … Continued

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7 Areas Sellers Forget To Stage When Selling Greeley House

Staging refers to decorating and arranging your home to showcase its best features and assets – at a better price for faster sales. And, indeed, in the current real estate market, staging is no longer optional. When it comes to a financial transaction as big as selling a house, you just can’t leave anything to … Continued