Evicting Your Colorado Tenant

Hey Kyle here with LVN Real Estate your Denver cash home buyer. We Buy Houses Fair fast and easy. Evicting your tenants is something that comes up in every landlords life. Your Denver home may be a great rental, but sometimes you make a bad decision and you put the wrong tenant in. Maybe they were great up front and then all of a sudden, they stop paying rent a year into the lease.

We work with landlords all the time to help solve these problems. You may have a tenant that stops talking to you. They stop paying rent. They stop taking care of the property. You have code violations around your property. There’re all kinds of things that can happen with renters. Sometimes they’ll damage your property to the extent that you now have to fix it up. It’s going to take you another five years or more to recoup your losses from the damages to your property.

We have solutions for that and we’ll buy your house as is with the tenant in place and take care of the eviction for you. Sometimes you might not want to spend the money on the attorney to do the eviction or you might just not want the stress at all. And you just want to sell the house and be done.

We have bought plenty of houses where there’s bad tenants in place and we have taking over those issues for you. We’ve even had cases where we weren’t able to get into the house and we had to buy it AS IS with the tenant there.  There could be damages that you don’t even know exist in the house after the tenant leaves. If you have a tenant that you need to evict and you are having issues with the tenants responding to you please give us a call. We can guide you through the proper steps to selling your house with the tenant in place. We can guide you through the steps on how the eviction would work and make a referral to attorneys that we work with in the area that can make your life easier when you have a bad tenant in place.

Just know you do have options. You can still sell your house if you have a tenant that’s not paying rent, tenants that may be doing damage to the house, if they’re not responding and you can’t do showings to sell your house, etc. You can still sell your house to a Denver cash property investor like LVN Real Estate. We are here for you to help you in any way that you may need help.

It’s worth a call. Let’s discuss it. Let’s talk about your options with your bad tenants and we might be able to find a solution for you or guide you in the right direction to finding a solution for this. We buy houses in any condition with any situation and we’re here to find you a solution.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Evicting Your Denver Colorado Tenants
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