How To Use Technology To Sell House In Colorado Springs

Top-Quality Images

The first piece of technology that you need to quickly sell your house in Colorado Springs is anything that will enable you to produce images of the highest quality.  In order to make the sale, sellers must rely on their high-quality images.

 Social Media

The importance of social media in the lives of most people today is hard to overestimate. And that’s why major social media channels are such powerful marketing tools for selling your house quickly in Colorado Springs when it comes to technology. It works like a pyramid set-up: one friend is sharing with several others, they are sharing with their friends and theirs. – Until thousands see your listing.

Virtual/Video Tours

A hot technology trend to sell your house quickly in Colorado Springs virtual tours (or video tours) are powerful. Potential buyers can tour your home without ever stepping out of their living room with these tools at their disposal.

To help you capture the best angles and produce the best footage for good results, you can hire production companies. (Consult your local agent where to find such companies. Just call 720-259-9274.) If you consider these real estate marketing facts, it is definitely worth hiring professionals: 50% of online interactivity is video-related and 403% more inquiries are received by videos.

Listing Syndication

This is a new twist of technology on an old tactic. It is basically an automated compilation or aggregation of listings on multiple specialized property sites such as Zillow and Trulia. These sites receive automatic feeds from original listings, as well as data collection and feedback from consumers, which includes interactions and comments.

Interest Maps

Another effective tactic is to include a map showing the location of points of interest in the surrounding area (“interest map”) in your listing (in addition to a map of the location of your house). Most online listings include maps of Google Earth to enable searchers to see exactly where the properties are. But you can also use plugins with interest maps to show nearby attractions such as schools, shops, museums, etc. This is just another way to highlight that location’s all-important criterion.


We’ve just mentioned this as a way of using technology to quickly sell your house in Colorado, but it’s hard to overemphasize today’s apps, especially for all those mobile users. Zillow officials argue that every month, on average, 600 million homes are viewed on mobile devices–an average of 223 homes per second.It goes with saying, then, that the marketing power presented by the apps available on the major real estate sites needs to be taped.

What Hasn’t Changed

So you have to use technology to quickly sell your house in Colorado to compete with other sellers in today’s market. But the one thing with the advent of technology that hasn’t changed is the importance of local expertise. Local markets have their own unique characteristics and require specialized marketing tactics.  And what you need can only be provided by your local agent.

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