Selling your Home to Denver Investor Vs. Listing With a Real Estate Agent

Selling your Home to Denver Investor Vs. Listing With a Real Estate Agent

Hi Kyle here with LVN Real Estate your Denver cash home buyer. LVN Real Estate buys house fast fair and makes your life easy!  In this video I’m going to describe why we’re different from your traditional real estate agent and why you might consider using us to sell your Denver house fast versus the traditional agent that puts your house on the market. I have seven reasons why you might want to consider getting an offer from LVN Real Estate on your house to sell for cash.

Number 1. They’re zero selling fees. We do not have any real estate commission fees. We are investors. We are not real estate agents. So we do not charge you a fee like typically with an agent where you’re going to pay 6% total.  3% to the listing agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent. This is a huge chunk out of your sale!

Number 2 – Zero closing cost. LVN will pay your closing cost for you, which is not traditional. We will handle that. We will eat that cost and this will save you money!

Number 3-  Very important: LVN Real Estate will buy your Denver house AS IS. This means that you will not have to make any repairs to your house. There is no formal inspections where an inspector is going to come through and pick your house apart and make you fix a bunch of stuff. If you have a bad roof, no problem. We will buy your house as is. If you have a lot of junk in the shed, or you want to leave behind your old mattress or couch or whatever it may be, no problem. We will buy your house with that stuff in it and we will get rid of it after we buy the house. You can’t leave anything behind with the traditional agent. They will make you clean out the house which costs you money and time! Our goal is to handle the small things for you to make your life easy when selling your Denver home. Leave it all behind, we buy your house as is and we mean that!  You won’t have to get rid of everything and clean the house out and make sure that it’s tidy and clean. Leave unwanted items behind, don’t worry about it. We’ll buy your home as is.

Number 4. No appraisal because we are not using a bank. We are buying your house with cash, so we do not require an appraiser. If it meets our standards and our offer meets your criteria, then we will buy your house for that price and there would be no appraisal on your house like there would be with a traditional real estate agent. An agent’s buyer is going to be someone that’s using a bank and in that case they’re going to need to get an appraisal. If your house does not appraise for the amount that you’re selling it for, you’re going to have to do a price reduction and come down on the price so that the buyer’s lender will lend on it.

Number 5- Upfront cash. We will actually pay you and then let you move out afterwards.  This is a huge benefit because this gives you flexibility and you can get your money upfront. We’ll pay you and oftentimes will give up to a month time for you to move out and get everything in order so that you can move afterwards and you don’t have to stress about money. It’s already in your bank account and you’re already good to move.

Number 6- Pick your closing date for when you want to sell your Denver house. With a traditional buyer and real estate agent, your buyer might be selling their house and they have strict timelines, meaning that you have strict timelines and have to be out of your house on the certain time and day. With us, we’re flexible. We’re going to rehab your house and we’re going to sell it down the road. So, for us if we don’t start for a month, that’s okay. We have a place to live. For the traditional agent’s buyer, they need to move in on a certain date and if you’re not out on time that’s going to be a big issue. Get cash now, move later!

Number 7 – EASE. LVN Real Estate is very easy to work with and that is what we are here to do. We’re here to make your life easy and we’re here to give you a cash offer. We’re here to handle everything from start to finish when selling your home. We will handle everything for you and make life simple.

If you’re interested in getting an offer and selling your Denver house for cash. Please give us a call. There’re many other things we offer besides this but these are the main things that set us apart from a real estate agent and why you might want to consider selling to an investor like LVN Real Estate.

Selling your Home to LVN Vs. Listing With a Real Estate Agent
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