Selling A Cat House – Bad Animal Smells In a Home You Want To Sell FAST!

Hi, Kyle with LVN Real Estate, your Denver cash home buyer. We buy houses fast, fair, and easy. This article and video is about cats in your home and the destruction pets can do on your home. We have bought many houses with multiple cats in them. There can be very bad smells in a home you want to sell fast. Don’t worry, LVN Real Estate can help!

There was a study in 2011 that showed that pets can cause up to $1120 a year of damages to your home. Pets are great, we love them, but they can be very destructive too! We buy a lot of houses that have multiple cats. The usually cause damage when there are multiple cats in a house. They get into different spaces of the house like the attic, crawl spaces etc, and they urinate on things creating a very bad smell. They mark their territory and will mark over each other, creating a ripple effect that you cannot stop.

If you have had this issue, you could remediate your home or you could sell as is to a cash home buyer like LVN Real Estate. If you would like to remediate on your own here are a few things you could try to do in order to get rid of a cat smell in your house so that you could sell it fast for top dollar.

  1. Remove the carpet. Get rid of everything that the cats have peed on. Carpet is the number one thing you need to get out of the house right away. Cat pee on carpet holds a lot of smell and will stink up your house
  2. This is a type of oder remover that is like a paint. You should put this on the flooring where the cats were. So after you take out the carpet you would put it on the subfloor, the walls, the concrete, etc. Sometimes this will not do the job and you will need to remove material.
  3. Removing material. You may have to remove drywall and do a “flood cut”. You may have to cut out 2 feet of drywall where they cats were marking and replace it. We have seen soggy drywall in homes from cats urinating on it over the years.
  4. HVAC – In extreme cases to sell your house you will need to replace the HVAC system to get rid of the smell. The cats may be peeing in your air returns and they will mark over each other’s area and continuing peeing into your air returns. This will mean you will have to remove the entire air system from your home.
  5. Ozone Machine – These are made to remove smell from your house. If you have a strong cat oder in your home and you are trying to sell your Denver house, you will need to do more than just put an ozone machine in it.
  6. Removal – remove all cats from the house before you start the above items.

We buy houses with the cats in place and will take care of all this for you if you choose to sell your Denver house with cats in it. Any sort of infestation of animals we will handle. Your Colorado home may be vacant for many years and you may have infestations that you do not know how to handle or want to handle. Give LVN Real Estate a call and we will take care of it for you and remove the animals and buy the house as is. We will perform the above process and get the home remediated from the pet smell so that we can sell the house on the market to a retail buyer.

We buy houses AS IS and make the process easy. Call us today if you have a house in the Denver, Colorado Springs, Greeley areas of Colorado. We buy houses fast all over Colorado and can handle your problems for you while putting cash in your hand so you can rest easy. Don’t let pet issues effect selling your home today!


Selling A Cat House - Bad Animal Smells In a Home You Want To Sell FAST!
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