Selling A Fire Damage House

Hey there, Kyle with LVN Real Estate in this video I want to talk about fire damaged houses. We buy fire damaged houses in Denver and beyond. We buy houses that sometimes just have a burnt garage or maybe just the garage is left from the fire damage property. Sometimes a portion of the house has burned down. Sometimes the whole house has burned down and it’s just the land we will buy.

We will buy your house that is burned down just for land value. This value varies depending on the location. We remediate your house and we may restore the house. If there’s a certain section of the house with fire damaged properties. You probably got probably got an insurance check and at that point you can get a you can recoup your money that you may have lost on the value of the house due to the fire and still sell the house and do pretty well.

One thing to watch out for with fire damaged houses is mold. Fire damage houses oftentimes do get mold in them due to the firefighters efforts to put out the fire. They’re using a lot of water and that creates other issues in the fire damaged house. Either way, we will buy these houses as is the way that they sit.

Whether it’s a portion of the house if it’s the whole house, we’re still interested buying fire damage houses fast. We’re still looking for fire damaged houses. We will buy the, we will come in and will restore them will do all the hard work, and we will resell them when the market eventually when we get it remediated. This will generally take around 6 months to complete the restoration process.

If you have a fire damaged house, please give us a call. We would love to talk to you. LVN Real Estate would love to come take a look at your property and if you need any advice and solutions for your fire damaged property in Denver, we can help. Thanks for watching and I wish you the best with repairing or selling your fire damaged home.

Selling A Fire Damaged House
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