Tips For Selling Your House With Pets In Fort Collins

Selling Colorado House With Pets at Home

If you’re a pet owner— your dogs, cats, ferrets, gerbils, parakeets, or anything else, you probably love your pets. Selling a House With Pets at Home, The trouble, however, is that many people don’t really like pets (as hard as many pet owners accept). Some people even object to outside animals. Therefore, pet owners who want to sell their house need to do some extra things. Here are some tips for households to sell  Denver.

Selling a House With Pets at Home
Selling a House With Pets at Home

Repair Pet Damage

The first step in preparing to Selling a House With Pets at Home in Fort Collins with pets is to repair any apparent damage to pets. Most larger pets cause some damage, and while it may not be a big deal for you, it may be for prospective buyers. Indoors, this type of pet damage that should be repaired usually involves floors, carpets, walls, and doors, most often due to scratching and “accidents.” You should take care of all this damage even before you think about showing your home. You may even have to replace your carpet, but the higher price you can order for your home makes it worth the expense.

Eliminate Odors and Stains

We become accustomed as pet owners to the odors that accompany pets, but these odors can be very offensive to buyers–and even more so to floor stains. Professional floor cleaning is therefore a good step, carpeted as well as carpeted-free. And if that’s not the trick, replace the carpet if necessary. Odors may also permeate walls, so some repainting may also be in order. Again, the higher selling price will justify the expense more than just that.

Spruce Up the Yard

Another step, especially if you have dogs, is sometimes neglected in selling your house with pets in Fort Collins that spruce up your yard. Dogs dig— that’s what they do. Start by filling all the holes and then lay sod when the bare spot is very large. Moving the dog house to some unusual place as well as all the toys.

And this advice is doubled if your pets had free rein in the front yard. Curbing the appeal is immensely important. It’s your only chance to get a great first impression as the front outside your home is the first thing potential buyers see when they pull up for a viewing. So put extra effort into eradicating the signs of your pets on the front yard.

Relocate Temporarily

As a step in selling your house with pets, this may sound extreme, but it may also be necessary. It’s at least something to consider. Just remember that an increasing number of people are allergic to pets, especially cats and dogs. If they know you’ve got pets in or near the house, they’re probably not even going to bother to look at it – and you lost a sale before it even got off the ground.

So temporarily relocating, while distasteful and uncomfortable, can be a profitable choice. Relocating allows you to completely remove all animal odors. It will also remove any chance that buyers will have an allergic reaction while touring your home. Moreover, when it becomes their home, buyers who are pet owners themselves will be better able to imagine their beloved pets living in your home.

Living with pets can make selling your house a little more difficult, but far from impossible. You just need to take the steps we mentioned here to sell your house with pets in Fort Collins. If your case is extremely challenging, however, you may want to talk to your agent about what to do.

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