Selling Your Denver House “Subject To”

LVN Real Estate is your Denver cash home buyer. In this video we talk about selling your home subject to. What this means is that your house is selling “subject to” the mortgage staying place. This might be a transaction we may offer you if your home does not have a lot of equity or maybe there is a way you can make some cash flow off your house with an additional note in addition to the subject to transaction. You might have a rental and you could still keep making cash flow off the property but you don’t have to deal with the tenants, toilets, tax and insurance and everything else that comes along with a rental property.

For example, if you owe $100,000 for your property and its only worth $120,000. You may see $20K of equity there, but after all the fees of selling your home on the market and repairs you likely will have to make you will get lease than your mortgage amount and you will likely have to come to the closing table with cash. Not to mention it takes a long time to close on your home.

LVN Real Estate can buy your house much faster by purchasing “Subject To”. This makes sense for us where as a cash transaction may not. We can start making the payments on your home and obtain your terms. If you are in pre foreclosure we may even be able to catch up all your back payments and debt. You, the seller generally has a much better interest rate then the real estate investor. If makes it way easier for us to make cash flow off a rental and not use a bank and have a lot of expensive closing costs fees. If you don’t have a ton of equity and would like to sell fast, these transactions can happen very quickly. This is a home selling transaction that can close in a few weeks or less! If you want to learn more please give us a call and we will be totally transparent on the paperwork and how it’s done. You will be completely protected in this transaction and it may be a great alternative for you!

Selling Your Denver House "Subject To"
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