Selling Your Hoarder House

This is Kyle with LVN Real Estate your Denver cash homebuyer. We buy houses fast, fair, and easy when selling your property for cash. In this video I want to talk about hoarder houses, the liabilities involved with them, and what you can do to clean them up and sell your hoarder house. You may have inherited the home, or are in charge of helping someone else sell, which we can help with as well and set your family up for a successful home selling transaction.

A hoarder house would be defined as a house that has a lot of stuff and it. These houses generally have items that are stacked to the ceilings of the home or maybe certain rooms are completely full. Generally a hoarder house is a house where someone has been collecting items in the house for many years and has not thrown anything away. In some cases you cannot walk through the house because there is so much stuff. There may be a little hallway to get to rooms.

We see this issue pretty often and its actually a medical condition that effects 6% of the population. Many times family members have to step in. You may have inherited the house or got thee house after probate. This is nothing new for us and we will keep your situation 100% confidential. We will be respectful of the home and everyone involved with selling the home.

It is very difficult to take pictures of the homes due to all the items in the hoarder house. It makes it very tough to list on the MLS because showings are difficult and also taking pictures is difficult. It’s a liability bringing people through these houses. A regular retail buyer will not be able to see through all the junk. They wont be able to see what it will look like after the stuff is gone, most people cant imagine the space when they cant see it.

One of the biggest with selling a hoarder house is the repairs. There are typically many repairs that need to be made to the home. It’s mainly because of the deferred maintenance. Theres stuff everywhere so you cannot get to the plumbing. We see broken bathrooms, sanitation issues, mold and mildew, and many other issues that’s hidden under all the stuff. We see a fair amount of trash, pet feces, and other things over the years that are not cleaned up due to the stuff being in the way and all over the home you are looking to sell. Of course when selling a Denver hoarder house this could vary by house and how bad the situation is.

Some health issues to be aware of in a hoarder house that often time lead to one another:

  • Air Quality
  • Mold / Mildew /Fungus
  • Sanitation Issues
  • Pest Infestations
  • Building Safety and home fire hazard

Many times we need to gut the Colorado house we buy since there are so many issues. This is not always the case and will vary house to house. A representative of LVN Real Estate will need to do a discrete assessment of your home to assess the damage in order to make a fair cash offer on your Denver house. If the junk needs to be removed we will take care of everything and you can rest easy knowing it’s not going to be your responsibility to get rid of everything! Please reach out to us today. We will give you a no obligation consultation and makes sure to guide you through the process.

Selling Your Denver Hoarder House
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