Selling Your House On The Market To An Investor

LVN Real Estate is your trusted Denver cash home buyer. We buy houses fast, fair, and make the process easy! In the video blog post I want to talk about getting an offer from an investor like LVN Real Estate on your house that is listed on the MLS with a realtor. Yes, you can still go solicit an offer from a Denver cash home buyer.

You may have though at the time of listing your house on the open market, that it was the best decision at the time, but come to find out it wasn’t and your house just isn’t selling. In this scenario, you have 2 options. You can keep dropping the price and leave it on the market, or you can reach out to a cash buyer like LVN to make you an all cash offer on your house and close fast. With the realtor route, you will still end up paying commissions on the sale of your home. With selling to an investor like LVN Real Estate, you would have no fees on our side. There will be no realtor fees on our end and maybe you can get out of the agreement with your real estate agent if they are nice enough to understand that you need and want to sell your house right now to an investor and pay no fees.

When you sell your house to LVN, we will also pay for your closing costs. Ask your MLS buyer to do that and see their reaction! There will be no more showings with unserious people walking through your home disrupting your space and wasting your time. When we make you an offer, we serious about buying it and plan to execute on our agreement. If you decide to leave the house on the market with your agent, you will still pay agent fees on the sale and likely will get less of a price due to the fees. We have seen this happen many times.

We will also not require any repairs to your house before we buy it. There’s no negotiating over fixing up your house, or replacing the roof or flooring or whatever other repairs they come up with after their inspection. We buy houses AS IS. This means, the day we walk through it and the condition it is in is how we will buy your house. We will even let you let your junk behind! We will take care of all of that for you. This is part of our service. We want to make it as easy as possible! There are no appraisals when we buy. It’s a cash offer on your home. Meaning, we do not have to hit the appraisal amount that your normal buyer has to when they are using a bank. This could affect your sales price of your home if the appraisal comes in under value.

The last benefit we offer that someone buying off the MLS can’t offer is the flexibility to move when you want (up to 60 days). We will give you time to move our AFTER you have the cash in your hands. We do not plan on living in your home. We are fix and flippers, we buy your house fix it up and resell it when we are done. With a normal buyer off the MLS, they more than likely plan on living in your home, meaning they have deadlines. They need a roof over their head and a place to live after they buy your home. This will place timelines on you for moving out and lesson your flexibility. We can give you up to 60 days after we buy your Denver house to move. Our goal is to make the process as stress free as possible and we will work hard to provide as many services as possible to do so. Reach out today to see how LVN Real Estate can help with buying your house. There are never any obligations for a cash offer to buy your house… If you don’t like it, no problem. We will put our best foot forward with our offers. Call now!

Selling Your House On The Market To An Investor
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