Selling Your House With A Tenant In Place

Hey Kyle here with LVN real estate your Denver, Colorado cash home buyer. We Buy Houses Fair fast and easy in this video. I want to talk about tenants in your house and if you can sell your house with a tenant in place. The answer to that question is yes, you can sell your house with a tenant in place.

You might have great tenants, but you just might be tired of the maintenance, the repairs, late payments, chasing down rent etc. You might just want to sell your house with the tenant in place. We will actually buy your house with your tenant in place and you will take over your lease. You might have nine months less left of a year lease and we will still buy your house with that lease in place.

You might have a tenant that needs evicted in Denver. This happens quite often sometimes, you just can’t see the warning signs ahead of time and you might put a bad tenant in your house and all the sudden they stop paying rent at the same time. You still have your mortgage due and you need to make those payments, but they’re not paying you… in this case we can step in and help you out. If you don’t want to sell the house and you just need a good referral and some information on how to get the tenant out just let us know. We have all the forms to do this and we can help you out and guide you in the right direction to getting the tenant out of the house. If you don’t want to deal with any of that and you want to sell your house as is feel free to give us a call as well. We’ve actually bought houses where we couldn’t get inside of the house because the tenant wouldn’t let us in and they stopped communicating with the landlord completely. This happens here and there it’s not that common but it does happen. In this case we can step in and we can still make an offer on your house and still by your house fast. There might be repairs. There might be neglect to the house. All these things come up. Sometimes tenants will get code violations because they stop mowing the yard or they just stopped doing maintenance to the house.

This can definitely cause big issues for you and the value of your property if your tenant is neglecting your property one thing to consider is that you know, if you have a thousand dollar mortgage payment in your running your house for let’s say $1,200 a month. You have two hundred dollars cash flow. If your tenants do start damaging your house, you’re making $2,400 a year, but the repairs could be much much more. This is something to take into consideration because you might evict your tenant and then have five ten thousand dollars worth of repairs in order to get the house back up into the condition to rent it. In this case, it could take 5-10 years just collecting the money that you put into the house to get it back to rental condition. It’s something worth thinking about something, you know to look at the house and say is it worth these repairs? If it’s not worth repairs to you, feel free to give us a call.

We can help you out with a bad tenants. We can do the eviction process for you, or we could just buy the house that AS IS and we’ll deal with it after the fact and you wont have to rehab the house. But if you decide not to rehab the house, we will take over all that for you and we’ll just buy it as is with your tenant in place.

If you have questions on the eviction process and bad tenants, feel free to reach out to us. We have dealt with this many times, and we know the proper steps or their proper attorneys to refer you to in order to take care of this issue. Again, I’m Kyle with LVN Real Estate. I’m here to find you a solution to your housing problems.

Selling A House With A Tenant In Place
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