Up Front Cash When Selling Your Denver Home

Hey guys, Kyle here with LVN Real Estate your Denver cash home buyer in this video I want to talk about upfront cash. Did you know that you can actually sell your house get paid first and then move? We will actually buy your house on your day of choosing will pay you the cash and we’ll let you stay in that house after we buying it!

Sell and then you move after getting the cash. If we agree to a price and you need to close in five days, we can buy your house very quickly and you can sell it fast and be done. But if you still need time to stay in the house and get things in order and maybe pack up and move and find a new place or put an offer on a new house, there’s a lot of different reasons to get paid cash on your house first before moving. LVN Real Estate can actually buy your house fast and let you do those those things after closing. You will give you whatever time you need. Generally, we see about two weeks after we buy the house, but we can actually give you up to 60 days by law. So we can give you two months after we buy the house for you to stay there and figure everything out and essentially you are renting from us at that time and there might be a fee involved with that but it’s very minimal or maybe market rent value.

Move when you choose. So like I mentioned if we buy your house at the first of the month and you need another month to find a new place and get a moving truck and pack everything up, that’s is fine with us. You might have a lot of stuff, so we will give you another 30 days to move out. It doesn’t make a difference to us. It’s whatever you need, and we want to meet your needs for moving on from your house and making it a smooth transition.

You can actually leave things behind. So, if we buy your house for cash and you decide that you don’t want the old couch and the mattress and all those other things that are left in your house that are old and maybe you don’t want to move them to your new house, just leave them behind and we will take care of them. We will actually either donate them to charity or we will throw them away depending on the condition. We try to donate as much as we can but you know, sometimes things just aren’t desirable and people don’t want them and we throw them away.

These as well as many other flexible terms are are the things that we can offer for you to you when you are selling your house to LVN Real Estate and we can actually get you this money up front. It’s a very simple straightforward process. If you’d like to learn more, please reach out and we can explain more and talk about the timelines and how we can help you today. Thanks for watching. I hope to hear from you soon.

Up Front Cash When Selling Your Denver Home
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